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Orlando International Airport - Departures Walk-Through

Here we set out a virtual walk-though of the departures process at Orlando International Airport.

Check in for all departing flights is on Level 3 of the main terminal building. You should consult the airport signs or your airline to determine if you need to go to the A or B side of the terminal. For domestic US passengers, check-in may be done at the curbside.

Once you have checked in, follow directions to the gate from which your flight is departing. The overhead monitors and flight information screens will give you all the details you need. You will be required to pass through the security checkpoint where your hand luggage will be x-rayed. Tip: bear in mind the lines (queues) for the security checkpoint can be very long at certain times of the day so please allow plenty of time for them just in case.

After the security checkpoint, board the monorail train to the appropriate gate area, or satellite (Airside). You will get great views of the airport from the train and may well see the aircraft you will be travelling on.

In the Airside, there is a central area which has restaurants, shops, restrooms and telephones. Make sure you watch out for the flight information monitors and when your flight is ready, follow the signs to the correct gate. Once at the gate, listen for the announcements from the airline staff and board your flight when advised to do so.

Have a great flight!

Note: these details are current at the time of writing and may change over time. We advise you to check directly with Orlando International Airport to confirm exact details at the time of travel.

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